Review of Subject For This Semester

Assalamualaikum, hello friends!

Today, for the last entry what I have to do is to review subject for this semester. I already had finished my studies in semester 3. In this semester, I have take’s seven subjects which are English for Academic Purposes, Macroeconomics, Fundamental of Islamic Economic, Introduction to Statistics, Business in Communication, Principles and Practices In Transport and Peer Counseling.

First subject is Fundamental of Islamic Economic. I like to study this subject because it can give me knowledge about economy in Islamic. Now I can know about the economy in Islamic that we can apply in routine day. The lecturer for this subject is Ustazah Siti Aishah Binti Sokhibul Fadhil. She is a friendly lecturer and talkative lecturer. She always gives her opinion about something. This subject easy to score and I will try to get best result for final exam.

Next is Macroeconomics. This subject is related to subject in semester 2 which is Microeconomics. This subject is not very easy to me, but it also not very difficult to learn. If we work hard we can get it. Insya’Allah! Furthermore, in this subject we have trip that goes to Bank Negara Malaysia. I get more experienced when go that.  Anyway, I will try to get the best result for final exam.

The third subject is Business Communication. This subject gives me how to communicate at the right way. Now I can improve my communication skill and I have some brave to speak in front people. I have two different lecturers. It is for mass-lectures and tutorial class. For mass-lectures class, I have Sir Ahmad Kamil and for tutorial class I have Miss Fazlin Natasya. For tutorial class, the lecturer is very simple, humble, sporting and friendly. This subject just content 40 per cent for final exam.

The fourth subject is Introduction to Statistics. This subject is about calculation and I love it. Our lecturer is Puan Norani Amit and she is very soft-spoken person. She always tries to give the best for their student. I hope I can get excellent result in final examination because this subject is not too difficult to score.

Next is Principle and Practices in Transport, this subject related to my courses that I have taken. In this subject, I also can learn how transportation functions in the global. The lecturer is Sir Mohd Ramzi and he is very discipline and assertive person. He has lots of experiences because he is retired from soldiers.

Peer counseling is one of seven subjects that I have taken. This subject is for co-curriculum. I feel more excited because I already success last semester for this subject. In this subject, I can improve my attitudes and my self-confidence. Other than that, I have experienced become a leader for big group and facilitator.

Last but not least English for Academic Purposes is a subject can make me become a good writer in essay. In this subject also teach in order that spoken being well. The lecturer for this subject is very strict and discipline. Other than that, I think is he like their student done their assignment perfectly. He always tries to get their best lecture in their class. I hope I can get best result for this subject.

That is all about review subject for this semester. I already done my work and submit all work that lecturer give and I also try my best. So, I hope he can give me the best mark and can help me to success for this semester. Thanks to Sir Izuan bin Ismail for being good lecturer for this semester in subject English for Academic Purposes. 

Raya 2013

Assalamualaikum. Hi guys! This time we have been given a task about experience of Hari Raya Aidilfitri. It’s mean a lot to me. Congrats to all Muslim because had been through fasting month. I hope that the next Ramadan we get to chance fasting again.

This is the first time for my family celebrates Raya without my grandmother. Usually my grandmother always nagging when my mother not cooking in ‘malam raya’ and me not change the curtain and clean a home.  For this year, my mother not make some ‘kuih raya’ because she still sad and miss my grandmother =(

In ‘malam raya’ I help my mother cooking and prepared foods such as ketupat, rendang, kuah lodeh and ayam masak merah. This is my favorites food when hari raya. As usual in the morning, we will go to the mosque for perform ‘solat aidilfitri’. The saddest feeling when hari raya is when I am hears ‘takbir’. It can make me crying because I am remembered my late father, elder sister and my grandmother. I miss them =(

After ‘solat Aidilfitri’, there is a moment that we will do every morning. My sister and I will ask for forgiveness from my lovely mother. It is impossible if I do not cry. I love my mother very much and I’m very thankful that my mother very understanding and caring about her child. Although we in small family but we always happy together.

Usually my family and I went to the cemetery of my late father, elder sister and grandmother. It just takes about 20 minutes to go there. But for this year I did not go to the cemetery because my mother's ask me to take care home and waiting for my cousin. Other than that, for this year my baju raya is green color. Usually we wore same color of baju raya but for this year are different because my baju raya is present from my aunty.

Other than that, usually when hari raya all people visited their relatives at every place but different with my family. We just waiting our cousin and relatives come to our homes. Usually they arrived at evening and at morning we just watching movies at television.

Besides that, we will go to our neighbors’ house too. This will make us become more closes and know each other. For this year I celebrate raya only four days because UiTM gives holiday early. But I am grateful because Allah gives me chance to celebrate it and share happy with my family and friend. This is Hari Raya was meaningful to me. Thank you for reading my entry and till me meets again. Bye!

Free Topic : About My Bestfriend


                    Assalamualaikum, hi everybody! For this free topic I want to share to you all about my best friend that I know since in school level.  I hope you will enjoy it J

                Firstly is Nur Wahida Binti Johari. I just call her Wawa. She is stay at same village with me just 5 minute from my home. We know since in primary school and we same class from standard one to standard six. We share same hobby that is playing badminton. Other than that she is beautiful and tall person. We always go to school together by bicycle. Sometimes after school hour we not back to home, we hanging at bus stop and when back home our mother nagging. Haha! I miss that moment L Now, Wawa continue her study at Poly-Tech MARA Collage in Human Resources course.  

                Secondly is Anis Syarina Binti Lukman. She also stays at same village with me and us always hanging out together. I know her from my friend and that time we in form 3. In form 4 and form 5 us in same class. She is very kind person and always gives motivation to me to become good person. Sometimes, I always share my problem to her and she try to help me to settle my problem. She is nice person and I feel comfortable friend with her. She already graduates from Melaka Matriculation and now she takes degree in Science Computer at UTHM.

                Thirdly is Mohammad Arif Binti Mohamad. I just call him Ayep. He is from Segamat, Johor. I know him from my friend and the first time I meet him is at cybercaf√© (CC). Haha! It is so funny.  All friend talk he is my boyfriend but it is not true. He is just my best friend. Haha! :P He is male friend that I very closed because I like his attitudes. He likes to give me strength when I am down. We have lost contact for 6 year and last year I meet him in Facebook. I am grateful because we can meet again. Alhamdulilah J Now, he have own career that mechanic at workshop and he want open his own business. Insya’Allah.

                This is about my best friend. I miss them a lot! I hope one day we can gather back and waste the time with laugh. Hopefully our friendship can keep on until the end of life. Aamin! I love you all

Love them a lot ♥ 

''A friend is someone who can see the truth and pain in you even when you are fooling everyone else.''

Ten Facts About Myself

Assalamualaikum, hi everyone! How are you today? Hope all of you in the pink of health. For this entry I want to story the ten facts about myself. I hope for those who are read my entry can feel happy. Enjoy your feeling! J

The first fact about me is I was born in 1994 and was born already in Muslim family. I am so grateful because I am a Muslim girl. I proud to be a Muslim because Islam is one of religion conscious about relationship between ALLAH and relationship between human. Many wonderful things that you must know about Islam.

The second fact about me that I want to share with you guys is I’m left-handed person. I use my left hand for write, hold thing and do some activities. Generally lefty also means more control on the right side of the brain. This is because our brain function inverting the left side of the brain control the body on the right side and the right side of the brain in turn controls the body to the left.

The third fact about me that I want to share with you guys is I’m sensitive person. I am easy to feeling when someone does not care about me and they talk my bad attitudes. Other than that, I am easy to sulking. For example, I was sulking with my mother for 3 days because my mother’s scold me to improve in my studies.

The fourth fact about me is I am forgiveness person. I always give forgive to those make a fault with me either minor or major offense. For me by giving forgiveness to them I can calm and peaceful.

The fifth fact about me is I like to do outdoor activities. I loved outdoor activities so much such as camping, jungle trekking, flying fox, and paintball game. In secondary school I always joining camping organized by Police Cadet. Furthermore, I was a good experience when I able to hold a M16 gun. By doing outdoor activities we can build our character and fun to do with friend.

The sixth fact about me is I like to collect watches and accessories. These are one of my hobbies nowadays. Now I already collect 30 of watches and 25 of accessories. Many type and color of watches that I have and all this watches I buy and present from my friend. Other that, accessories that I like to collect is necklaces, bracelets and rings. I hope one day I can collect many watches and accessories and I can show to my future child. Haha!

The seventh fact about me is shy girl when meet people who recently known. I know that is familiar to the girls. Sometime, I became shyer when I meet people that I am really not known. Sometimes, I very shy when I talk with male although I know that person.

The eighth fact about me is I am a cat lover. I love cat very much! Before that, I don’t have cat at home and I feel so bored. Last 3 month a cat comes to my home and my mother decided to taking care this cat. I am so happy because this cat very cute and I give name Bukbuu. Bukbuu is very affectionate and like to bite my hand. J

Next, the fact about me is I am ticklish with animal such as frog, snake and other animal without backbones. When I see this animal I can scream and I cannot feel what my feeling on that time. I just feeling I want to cry and I want to hug my mom. L

Lastly, the fact about me is I don't like to wait people for too long time. It because time is gold. For me when I wait people to long time I feel bored and I just feel want to leave that person. Furthermore, I become more regret for make someone wait for me.

That is all ten facts about me. I hope you will enjoy it. Thank you for spend your time to read my story. See you next entry. Bye! 

My Childhood Memories in Ramadhan

            Happy fasting to all Muslim in the world!! Thanks to God that gave us a chance to meet Ramadan this year. As we are in Ramadan, I have something to share. It is about my childhood memories of Ramadan. Everyone should have their own memories right? Let it be a sweet memories even after.

As I had remembered, I’m starting to fast in 10 years old when I'm in standard 4. There was a day that I sneaked through the kitchen to find some foods when my parents are not at home. I’m very hungry! I very grateful because my parents not forcing me to fasting but I have some effort to try fasting. Other than that, my mother not teach me to fasting for get money different with my friend when they fast for one day, they will get RM 50 or so on. 

When fasting month, at every place must have Bazar Ramadhan. I always go to bazar Ramadhan with my lovely mother and sister. It is not so far from my home, just 10 minute by ride motorcycle. At bazar Ramadhan, many variety of foods and drinks that were sold such as Murtabak, kuih-muihair katira and many more. My favourite food is Murtabak and my favorite drink is air katira. Other than that, when fasting month we encouraged for charity and share anything for those who needed. As Muslim, during Ramadhan, it is a good practice to send and share with our neighbors some ‘juadah’. My mother always told me to some 'juadah' to our neighbors. It is good activities that can apply for everyday not only in fasting month because can make a close relationship with neighbour. 

I’m very excited waiting for ‘berbuka’. I think I am the first person who are sitting in the dining room and staring at the foods. There are a lot of foods cooked by my mother. Sometimes I helped her to serve the foods. My mother loves to cook chicken rice and Tomyam as it was my favourite foods. 

At night, my friend and I went to the mosque for ‘tarawih’. The mosque is near our house. So we just walked to go there. After we were backed from the mosque, we gathered in front of our house, bring as many meals that we had bought and eat the meals together. It was very fun! I miss them a lot. We also did not miss to play fireworks. 

The best thing during fasting month is 'sahur'. Usually, my mother will wake up at 4.00 am to prepare for the foods. My mother just cook something is simple can give some energy for whole day. Sometimes, we just 'sahur' with kurma and drink more water. It is very good because 'sahur' with kurma is Sunnah Rasulullah. Before that I never believe just eat kurma can make more energy but after I do it I feel not hungry for whole day. 

The most interesting thing is when my friend and I talked and discussed about Hari Raya. We compared our shirts, shoes and accessories. We were very excited to celebrate. We sang Hari Raya songs together too. That’s all of my childhood memories that I will not forget. I hope that you guys will enjoy reading mine. Thank you J

About My Classmates

 Assalamualaikum, hi guys! For this entry I would like to share to all of you a little bit about my classmate. In BEL311 class, I have 19 classmates including me.

Siti Nadiah Binti Rezoun
I call her Nadiah and she is from Kuala Lumpur. For me she is nice person, beautiful and likes to laugh. What I know about her is she likes watch Korean drama and likes reading novels same like me. Sometimes, we always change our novels.

Fatin Aqila Binti Wahid
I call her Fatin. She comes from Muar same like me but she stay at Ayer Hitam while I stay at Pagoh, Muar. For me she is good person, pretty and not snobbish. I likes to friend with her because she like to share anything with me and other friends.

Norlela Binti Mat Akhir
I call her Lela and she is from Petaling Jaya. What I can say that she is not snobbish and like to friend everyone. She is good person and always gives me motivation to become a good person.  She has positions in PERMAS society and one thing about her is like to watch cartoon series very much.

Nur Asyiqin Binti Abdullah
We call her ‘Ikin’. She is from Terengganu. She is quite chubby and talkative person. For me she is good person and likes to smile. Other than that, she like to do outdoor activities that same like me. I hope one day I can do these activities together.

Nurul Syafiqah Binti Ali
 She is a tall person and has good attitudes. She is from Terengganu same like Asyiqin but she stay at Dungun while Asyiqin stay at Marang. I like to friend with her because she is good in all subject. She always focuses in class and make joke when do presentation.

Nurul Hidayah Binti Johari
 She is a tall person. She is from Rawang, Selangor. Other than that, she always wear purple clothes for go to classes. Hidayah also have taken same course with me in Co-curriculum that is Peer Counselling.

Iza Amirah Binti Hairul Anuar
We just call her Iza. She wear spectacle and have cute body. She is from Puchong, Selangor. Other than that, Iza is best friend to Nadiah Asyiqin and Amirah. They always go anywhere together.
Nadiah Asyiqin Binti Abdul Aziz
She is from Kajang, Selangor. We just call her ‘Nad’. She is pretty and nice person. When first time I see her I think she have good attitudes. She also likes to wear simple clothes.

Amirah Binti Mohamad
She is from Johor Bharu.  She is beautiful and nice person. She also wear spectacle and sometimes she is talkative person. Her face looks like Chinese people. Other than that, she like to dance and slim person.

Wan Mohamad Faris Syahmi Bin Wan Nazaruddin
 He is from Rawang, Selangor. He is responsible person so that he is our class rep for this semester. He is very intelligent person in class. He is Meor bestfriend.

Meor Ahmad Shamir Bin Shaidi
He is from Taman Yayasan, Segamat and he is nice person. He is very lucky because he can back to home everytime because his home very near. He always came late to class because he likes to sleep. Haha! :P

Mohamad Norariffin Bin Md.Kasnan
 We call his ‘Ipin’. He is very close with Fatin Aqila and sometimes I think both of them have special relationship. Hehe :P He is from Batu Pahat, Johor. He likes to watch football. He also have own business in campus that is agent topup.

Mohamad Muttaqin Bin Wan Ahmad Sukari
He is from Kota Bharu, Kelantan. He looks like Islamic person and he also wear spectacle. Sometimes, he always make joke in class with his dialect that is Kelantan dialect.

Amirul Zulhilmi Bin Idrus
He is from Bukit Mertajam, Penang. He always looks smart and clean person. He always look smart and celan person. He also likes to wear pink clothes and wear spectacle. He is Muttaqin best friend.

Nazerul Syeffuzeq Bin Norazam
 We just call his ‘Aboy’. That name is very cute name, I think. Haha :P Other than that, he is a tall and thin person. He is funny and naughty person. He is from Johor Bharu and he is like to play game with his friend.

Ahmad Nur Asyraf Bin Abdul Shukor
He is from Puchong, Selangor. He likes to sing and he join ‘Nasyid’ group in campus. He is responsible person because for last semester he is our class rep. He is nice and strong person.

Muhammad Azri Bin Ruslin
He is from Johor Bharu. He is nice and tall person. He also likes to ride motorbike and he comes to Uitm Segamat with his motorbike. Sometimes, he always make joke in class and make us happy in classes. He also ‘Aboy’ best friend and he like to play game together.

Mohamad Shah Amirul Bin Ibrahim
He is from Muar, Johor. He also Meor best friend because both of them taken same course in Co-curriculum that is Civil Defense. Shah always goes to class late because never wake up early. Haha!  

This all about my classmates for this semester and I hope we always together until part 6. I always pray to Allah hope all my friend can successful in this world and Here after. Insya’Allah! I love all my classmates. 

Subject This Semester

Assalamualaikum. Hi guys! We meet again in this second entry. I am in third semester, that means now I am study at UiTM Segamat is one year. For this semester I have to take seven subjects to fill University requirement. It includes BEL 311, CTU 241, ECO 211, QMT 181, MGT 269, TPT 252 and Co-curriculum.

The first subject is English for Academic Purpose and the code is BEL 311. This subject is core for student to take it. The credit hour for this subject is three credit hours that means need have class six hour. My class for BEL 311 is on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. The assessment for this subject includes 30% for term paper, 20% for discussion and 10% for online assessment. Besides that, the lecturer in this subject is Sir Izuan Bin Ismail. For me, he is strict lecturer and sometimes I feel fear to come this class but I know that he want us to improve ourselves. Actually, this subject is not my favorite subject and I did not like to learn English but I try my best for this subject. I hope I can get better result in this semester and I target to get B+ for BEL 311.

The next subject is CTU 241 which is Fundamental of Islamic Economy. This subject also core subject and the credit hours are 2. That means 2 hour in class on Thursday. The assessment for this subject is test (15%), presentation (20%), assignment (15%) and final exam (50%). The lecturer for CTU 241 is Ustazah Siti Aishah Binti Sokhibul Fadil. When the first time I see her, I know that she is good in religion and have many knowledge about it. Other than that, she is very talkative and likes to share her experience. By learning this subject it will make me better about Islam and I target to get A for this subject. 

The third subject I have to take for this semester is ECO 211 that stands for Macroeconomics. The assessment for this subject is test 1 (10%), test 2 (10%), quizzes (10%) and assignment (10%) and other 60% is final exam. This subject has 3 credit hours and my class on Monday and Wednesday. The lecturer for this subject is Madam Diana Binti Mazan. My first impression when first I meet her that is she is beautiful and very happy lecturer. She is also friendly with student, so it make easy to me to ask her if any question. This subject is prerequisite for ECO 162 which I take last semester. I like this subject because have calculation and I hope can survived for this subject. My target for ECO 211 is A for this semester. 

Other than that, I also take Introduction to Statistic and the code is QMT 181. The assessment for this subject is quizzes (5%), assignment (5%), test 1 (15%), test 2 (15%) and other 60% is final exam. This subject is core and credit hours are 3. My class for this subject is on Tuesday and Friday. Besides that, the lecturer for QMT 181 is Madam Norani Binti Amit. She is good lecturer and always gives opinion to us to become good person. My first impression when need to take this subject is I feel fear because my senior say this subject it hard. I hope and try my best to get better result for this semester and I target to get B for QMT 181. 

The next subject is Business Communication and the code is MGT 269. For this subject it consists 3 credit hours which 1 hour for mass lecture and 2 hours for tutorial class. The assessment for this subject is report (30%), meeting (20%), interview (10%) and 40% for final exam. For MGT 269 have two lecturer which is Sir Ahmad Kamil Bin Mohamed for mass lecturer and Miss Fazlin Natasya Binti Abdul Halim for tutorial class. This is two lecturer is good and have lots of knowledge as them good in teaching. I hope that for this subject I would know better about communication and thus will get good result in exam and for this subject I also target to get A.

          Then, for this semester I also take Principles and Practices in Transport and the code is TPT 252. The assessment for this subject is test 1 and test 2 (10%), quizzes (10%), individual presentation (10%), group presentation (10%) and other 60% is final exam. Other than that, this subject it consist 3 credit hours where 1 hour for mass lecturer and 2 hour for tutorial class. Lecturer for TPT 252 is Sir Mohd Ramzi Bin Hj Mohd Nor. When first I see him, I feel happy because he was a happy lecturer and friendly, I feel easy to learn in his class and not feel stress. I hope I can survive this subject and will get good result in exam and I target to get B in this subject.

The last subject that I have to take is Co-Curriculum. For Co- Curriculum, I take Peer Counseling, the code is HPD 229 and it is worth 1 credit hours. I take this subject from last semester because I think I can improve myself and can help my member when they have problems. Lecturer for this subject is Miss Wan Adila Binti Wan Mohd Zain. She is also my lecturer for this subject last semester. She is good lecturer and always gives opinion to us to become good person and I also enjoy in this class. Likes others subject I also hope that in this co-curriculum I will get A.

          Last but not least, I hope I can pass my entire subject that I take for this semester and I will get good result for my exam. I always pray to Allah that I can success in the world and can become good person. That all about for this second entry. See you again, thank you! (: