About Myself

Assalamualaikum, hi everyone! My name is Nur Hafiza Binti Rohayazat. People can call me Fiza or Hafiza. I love this name because has good meaning.  I am 19 years old for this year. My date of birthday is 13 September 1994 and place of birth is Hospital Muar Johor. Now, I live at Kampung Olak Sepam Pagoh Muar. I am simple girl, shy, sensitive and quiet person. 

Besides that, I have small family. My late father’s name is Rohayazat Bin Abdul Hamid. He was died 11 years ago because heart attack. Then, my mother's name is Salmah Binti Mohamed and she is 48 years old. She is works at school canteen as an assistant. I am very grateful because has mother who is very loving and understanding. I have two siblings. I am the last one. Actually, I have younger sister but she was passed away two years ago. I love my family because they are my inspiration to success in this world. 

I am starting my education from standard one to six at Sekolah Kebangsaan Kampung Raja Pagoh. Then I continue my study at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sultan Alauddin Riayat Shah 1 Pagoh from form one to five. After SPM, I got offer from Melaka matriculation with accounting course and I decide not to go there. In my opinion when I go to matriculation, that means I need to struggle and it is very difficult to study. On May 2012, I got offer from UiTM and from there, I think it is the best opportunity for me to continue my study.

Like other people, I also have my own ambition. I want to be Businesswoman with my own company and become successful person someday. It is not easy to become successful person, so I try my best to become one of them. Then, my hobby at free time is reading novels and blogging. I also like to eat. My favorite food and drink that I like mostly is chicken rice and fresh orange. Sometimes, I like to cook especially to make cakes and desserts. My favorite cake is chocolate cakes. 

One thing about me is I love cat very much. I have a cat at home and I like to take care of my cat. Cats are animal that easy to take care but there are some people do not like cat as it can make their life become trouble. My cat name is Bukbuu and my cat very special because have three color that is orange, black and white. When I have free time, I will play with Bukbuu and it makes me happy in that day. Other than that, I like to do outdoor activities such as jungle tracking, jogging and cycling. These activities are really enjoyed and make me appreciate the nature.

Last but not least, I already part 3 in Diploma in Business Study (Transportation). There are so many things that I have to face to achieve until this stage. In UiTM I get many experiences and knowledge. I also get many friends. I always hope that I can study well in this course and can grade on the time. Hopefully, my friends and I will success in whatever we are doing, Insha’Allah! That’s all about me. Thank you =) 

With my mom, I love my mom! ♥