My Childhood Memories in Ramadhan

            Happy fasting to all Muslim in the world!! Thanks to God that gave us a chance to meet Ramadan this year. As we are in Ramadan, I have something to share. It is about my childhood memories of Ramadan. Everyone should have their own memories right? Let it be a sweet memories even after.

As I had remembered, I’m starting to fast in 10 years old when I'm in standard 4. There was a day that I sneaked through the kitchen to find some foods when my parents are not at home. I’m very hungry! I very grateful because my parents not forcing me to fasting but I have some effort to try fasting. Other than that, my mother not teach me to fasting for get money different with my friend when they fast for one day, they will get RM 50 or so on. 

When fasting month, at every place must have Bazar Ramadhan. I always go to bazar Ramadhan with my lovely mother and sister. It is not so far from my home, just 10 minute by ride motorcycle. At bazar Ramadhan, many variety of foods and drinks that were sold such as Murtabak, kuih-muihair katira and many more. My favourite food is Murtabak and my favorite drink is air katira. Other than that, when fasting month we encouraged for charity and share anything for those who needed. As Muslim, during Ramadhan, it is a good practice to send and share with our neighbors some ‘juadah’. My mother always told me to some 'juadah' to our neighbors. It is good activities that can apply for everyday not only in fasting month because can make a close relationship with neighbour. 

I’m very excited waiting for ‘berbuka’. I think I am the first person who are sitting in the dining room and staring at the foods. There are a lot of foods cooked by my mother. Sometimes I helped her to serve the foods. My mother loves to cook chicken rice and Tomyam as it was my favourite foods. 

At night, my friend and I went to the mosque for ‘tarawih’. The mosque is near our house. So we just walked to go there. After we were backed from the mosque, we gathered in front of our house, bring as many meals that we had bought and eat the meals together. It was very fun! I miss them a lot. We also did not miss to play fireworks. 

The best thing during fasting month is 'sahur'. Usually, my mother will wake up at 4.00 am to prepare for the foods. My mother just cook something is simple can give some energy for whole day. Sometimes, we just 'sahur' with kurma and drink more water. It is very good because 'sahur' with kurma is Sunnah Rasulullah. Before that I never believe just eat kurma can make more energy but after I do it I feel not hungry for whole day. 

The most interesting thing is when my friend and I talked and discussed about Hari Raya. We compared our shirts, shoes and accessories. We were very excited to celebrate. We sang Hari Raya songs together too. That’s all of my childhood memories that I will not forget. I hope that you guys will enjoy reading mine. Thank you J