Subject This Semester

Assalamualaikum. Hi guys! We meet again in this second entry. I am in third semester, that means now I am study at UiTM Segamat is one year. For this semester I have to take seven subjects to fill University requirement. It includes BEL 311, CTU 241, ECO 211, QMT 181, MGT 269, TPT 252 and Co-curriculum.

The first subject is English for Academic Purpose and the code is BEL 311. This subject is core for student to take it. The credit hour for this subject is three credit hours that means need have class six hour. My class for BEL 311 is on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. The assessment for this subject includes 30% for term paper, 20% for discussion and 10% for online assessment. Besides that, the lecturer in this subject is Sir Izuan Bin Ismail. For me, he is strict lecturer and sometimes I feel fear to come this class but I know that he want us to improve ourselves. Actually, this subject is not my favorite subject and I did not like to learn English but I try my best for this subject. I hope I can get better result in this semester and I target to get B+ for BEL 311.

The next subject is CTU 241 which is Fundamental of Islamic Economy. This subject also core subject and the credit hours are 2. That means 2 hour in class on Thursday. The assessment for this subject is test (15%), presentation (20%), assignment (15%) and final exam (50%). The lecturer for CTU 241 is Ustazah Siti Aishah Binti Sokhibul Fadil. When the first time I see her, I know that she is good in religion and have many knowledge about it. Other than that, she is very talkative and likes to share her experience. By learning this subject it will make me better about Islam and I target to get A for this subject. 

The third subject I have to take for this semester is ECO 211 that stands for Macroeconomics. The assessment for this subject is test 1 (10%), test 2 (10%), quizzes (10%) and assignment (10%) and other 60% is final exam. This subject has 3 credit hours and my class on Monday and Wednesday. The lecturer for this subject is Madam Diana Binti Mazan. My first impression when first I meet her that is she is beautiful and very happy lecturer. She is also friendly with student, so it make easy to me to ask her if any question. This subject is prerequisite for ECO 162 which I take last semester. I like this subject because have calculation and I hope can survived for this subject. My target for ECO 211 is A for this semester. 

Other than that, I also take Introduction to Statistic and the code is QMT 181. The assessment for this subject is quizzes (5%), assignment (5%), test 1 (15%), test 2 (15%) and other 60% is final exam. This subject is core and credit hours are 3. My class for this subject is on Tuesday and Friday. Besides that, the lecturer for QMT 181 is Madam Norani Binti Amit. She is good lecturer and always gives opinion to us to become good person. My first impression when need to take this subject is I feel fear because my senior say this subject it hard. I hope and try my best to get better result for this semester and I target to get B for QMT 181. 

The next subject is Business Communication and the code is MGT 269. For this subject it consists 3 credit hours which 1 hour for mass lecture and 2 hours for tutorial class. The assessment for this subject is report (30%), meeting (20%), interview (10%) and 40% for final exam. For MGT 269 have two lecturer which is Sir Ahmad Kamil Bin Mohamed for mass lecturer and Miss Fazlin Natasya Binti Abdul Halim for tutorial class. This is two lecturer is good and have lots of knowledge as them good in teaching. I hope that for this subject I would know better about communication and thus will get good result in exam and for this subject I also target to get A.

          Then, for this semester I also take Principles and Practices in Transport and the code is TPT 252. The assessment for this subject is test 1 and test 2 (10%), quizzes (10%), individual presentation (10%), group presentation (10%) and other 60% is final exam. Other than that, this subject it consist 3 credit hours where 1 hour for mass lecturer and 2 hour for tutorial class. Lecturer for TPT 252 is Sir Mohd Ramzi Bin Hj Mohd Nor. When first I see him, I feel happy because he was a happy lecturer and friendly, I feel easy to learn in his class and not feel stress. I hope I can survive this subject and will get good result in exam and I target to get B in this subject.

The last subject that I have to take is Co-Curriculum. For Co- Curriculum, I take Peer Counseling, the code is HPD 229 and it is worth 1 credit hours. I take this subject from last semester because I think I can improve myself and can help my member when they have problems. Lecturer for this subject is Miss Wan Adila Binti Wan Mohd Zain. She is also my lecturer for this subject last semester. She is good lecturer and always gives opinion to us to become good person and I also enjoy in this class. Likes others subject I also hope that in this co-curriculum I will get A.

          Last but not least, I hope I can pass my entire subject that I take for this semester and I will get good result for my exam. I always pray to Allah that I can success in the world and can become good person. That all about for this second entry. See you again, thank you! (: