About My Classmates

 Assalamualaikum, hi guys! For this entry I would like to share to all of you a little bit about my classmate. In BEL311 class, I have 19 classmates including me.

Siti Nadiah Binti Rezoun
I call her Nadiah and she is from Kuala Lumpur. For me she is nice person, beautiful and likes to laugh. What I know about her is she likes watch Korean drama and likes reading novels same like me. Sometimes, we always change our novels.

Fatin Aqila Binti Wahid
I call her Fatin. She comes from Muar same like me but she stay at Ayer Hitam while I stay at Pagoh, Muar. For me she is good person, pretty and not snobbish. I likes to friend with her because she like to share anything with me and other friends.

Norlela Binti Mat Akhir
I call her Lela and she is from Petaling Jaya. What I can say that she is not snobbish and like to friend everyone. She is good person and always gives me motivation to become a good person.  She has positions in PERMAS society and one thing about her is like to watch cartoon series very much.

Nur Asyiqin Binti Abdullah
We call her ‘Ikin’. She is from Terengganu. She is quite chubby and talkative person. For me she is good person and likes to smile. Other than that, she like to do outdoor activities that same like me. I hope one day I can do these activities together.

Nurul Syafiqah Binti Ali
 She is a tall person and has good attitudes. She is from Terengganu same like Asyiqin but she stay at Dungun while Asyiqin stay at Marang. I like to friend with her because she is good in all subject. She always focuses in class and make joke when do presentation.

Nurul Hidayah Binti Johari
 She is a tall person. She is from Rawang, Selangor. Other than that, she always wear purple clothes for go to classes. Hidayah also have taken same course with me in Co-curriculum that is Peer Counselling.

Iza Amirah Binti Hairul Anuar
We just call her Iza. She wear spectacle and have cute body. She is from Puchong, Selangor. Other than that, Iza is best friend to Nadiah Asyiqin and Amirah. They always go anywhere together.
Nadiah Asyiqin Binti Abdul Aziz
She is from Kajang, Selangor. We just call her ‘Nad’. She is pretty and nice person. When first time I see her I think she have good attitudes. She also likes to wear simple clothes.

Amirah Binti Mohamad
She is from Johor Bharu.  She is beautiful and nice person. She also wear spectacle and sometimes she is talkative person. Her face looks like Chinese people. Other than that, she like to dance and slim person.

Wan Mohamad Faris Syahmi Bin Wan Nazaruddin
 He is from Rawang, Selangor. He is responsible person so that he is our class rep for this semester. He is very intelligent person in class. He is Meor bestfriend.

Meor Ahmad Shamir Bin Shaidi
He is from Taman Yayasan, Segamat and he is nice person. He is very lucky because he can back to home everytime because his home very near. He always came late to class because he likes to sleep. Haha! :P

Mohamad Norariffin Bin Md.Kasnan
 We call his ‘Ipin’. He is very close with Fatin Aqila and sometimes I think both of them have special relationship. Hehe :P He is from Batu Pahat, Johor. He likes to watch football. He also have own business in campus that is agent topup.

Mohamad Muttaqin Bin Wan Ahmad Sukari
He is from Kota Bharu, Kelantan. He looks like Islamic person and he also wear spectacle. Sometimes, he always make joke in class with his dialect that is Kelantan dialect.

Amirul Zulhilmi Bin Idrus
He is from Bukit Mertajam, Penang. He always looks smart and clean person. He always look smart and celan person. He also likes to wear pink clothes and wear spectacle. He is Muttaqin best friend.

Nazerul Syeffuzeq Bin Norazam
 We just call his ‘Aboy’. That name is very cute name, I think. Haha :P Other than that, he is a tall and thin person. He is funny and naughty person. He is from Johor Bharu and he is like to play game with his friend.

Ahmad Nur Asyraf Bin Abdul Shukor
He is from Puchong, Selangor. He likes to sing and he join ‘Nasyid’ group in campus. He is responsible person because for last semester he is our class rep. He is nice and strong person.

Muhammad Azri Bin Ruslin
He is from Johor Bharu. He is nice and tall person. He also likes to ride motorbike and he comes to Uitm Segamat with his motorbike. Sometimes, he always make joke in class and make us happy in classes. He also ‘Aboy’ best friend and he like to play game together.

Mohamad Shah Amirul Bin Ibrahim
He is from Muar, Johor. He also Meor best friend because both of them taken same course in Co-curriculum that is Civil Defense. Shah always goes to class late because never wake up early. Haha!  

This all about my classmates for this semester and I hope we always together until part 6. I always pray to Allah hope all my friend can successful in this world and Here after. Insya’Allah! I love all my classmates. 

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