Free Topic : About My Bestfriend


                    Assalamualaikum, hi everybody! For this free topic I want to share to you all about my best friend that I know since in school level.  I hope you will enjoy it J

                Firstly is Nur Wahida Binti Johari. I just call her Wawa. She is stay at same village with me just 5 minute from my home. We know since in primary school and we same class from standard one to standard six. We share same hobby that is playing badminton. Other than that she is beautiful and tall person. We always go to school together by bicycle. Sometimes after school hour we not back to home, we hanging at bus stop and when back home our mother nagging. Haha! I miss that moment L Now, Wawa continue her study at Poly-Tech MARA Collage in Human Resources course.  

                Secondly is Anis Syarina Binti Lukman. She also stays at same village with me and us always hanging out together. I know her from my friend and that time we in form 3. In form 4 and form 5 us in same class. She is very kind person and always gives motivation to me to become good person. Sometimes, I always share my problem to her and she try to help me to settle my problem. She is nice person and I feel comfortable friend with her. She already graduates from Melaka Matriculation and now she takes degree in Science Computer at UTHM.

                Thirdly is Mohammad Arif Binti Mohamad. I just call him Ayep. He is from Segamat, Johor. I know him from my friend and the first time I meet him is at cybercafé (CC). Haha! It is so funny.  All friend talk he is my boyfriend but it is not true. He is just my best friend. Haha! :P He is male friend that I very closed because I like his attitudes. He likes to give me strength when I am down. We have lost contact for 6 year and last year I meet him in Facebook. I am grateful because we can meet again. Alhamdulilah J Now, he have own career that mechanic at workshop and he want open his own business. Insya’Allah.

                This is about my best friend. I miss them a lot! I hope one day we can gather back and waste the time with laugh. Hopefully our friendship can keep on until the end of life. Aamin! I love you all

Love them a lot ♥ 

''A friend is someone who can see the truth and pain in you even when you are fooling everyone else.''

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