Ten Facts About Myself

Assalamualaikum, hi everyone! How are you today? Hope all of you in the pink of health. For this entry I want to story the ten facts about myself. I hope for those who are read my entry can feel happy. Enjoy your feeling! J

The first fact about me is I was born in 1994 and was born already in Muslim family. I am so grateful because I am a Muslim girl. I proud to be a Muslim because Islam is one of religion conscious about relationship between ALLAH and relationship between human. Many wonderful things that you must know about Islam.

The second fact about me that I want to share with you guys is I’m left-handed person. I use my left hand for write, hold thing and do some activities. Generally lefty also means more control on the right side of the brain. This is because our brain function inverting the left side of the brain control the body on the right side and the right side of the brain in turn controls the body to the left.

The third fact about me that I want to share with you guys is I’m sensitive person. I am easy to feeling when someone does not care about me and they talk my bad attitudes. Other than that, I am easy to sulking. For example, I was sulking with my mother for 3 days because my mother’s scold me to improve in my studies.

The fourth fact about me is I am forgiveness person. I always give forgive to those make a fault with me either minor or major offense. For me by giving forgiveness to them I can calm and peaceful.

The fifth fact about me is I like to do outdoor activities. I loved outdoor activities so much such as camping, jungle trekking, flying fox, and paintball game. In secondary school I always joining camping organized by Police Cadet. Furthermore, I was a good experience when I able to hold a M16 gun. By doing outdoor activities we can build our character and fun to do with friend.

The sixth fact about me is I like to collect watches and accessories. These are one of my hobbies nowadays. Now I already collect 30 of watches and 25 of accessories. Many type and color of watches that I have and all this watches I buy and present from my friend. Other that, accessories that I like to collect is necklaces, bracelets and rings. I hope one day I can collect many watches and accessories and I can show to my future child. Haha!

The seventh fact about me is shy girl when meet people who recently known. I know that is familiar to the girls. Sometime, I became shyer when I meet people that I am really not known. Sometimes, I very shy when I talk with male although I know that person.

The eighth fact about me is I am a cat lover. I love cat very much! Before that, I don’t have cat at home and I feel so bored. Last 3 month a cat comes to my home and my mother decided to taking care this cat. I am so happy because this cat very cute and I give name Bukbuu. Bukbuu is very affectionate and like to bite my hand. J

Next, the fact about me is I am ticklish with animal such as frog, snake and other animal without backbones. When I see this animal I can scream and I cannot feel what my feeling on that time. I just feeling I want to cry and I want to hug my mom. L

Lastly, the fact about me is I don't like to wait people for too long time. It because time is gold. For me when I wait people to long time I feel bored and I just feel want to leave that person. Furthermore, I become more regret for make someone wait for me.

That is all ten facts about me. I hope you will enjoy it. Thank you for spend your time to read my story. See you next entry. Bye! 

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