Raya 2013

Assalamualaikum. Hi guys! This time we have been given a task about experience of Hari Raya Aidilfitri. It’s mean a lot to me. Congrats to all Muslim because had been through fasting month. I hope that the next Ramadan we get to chance fasting again.

This is the first time for my family celebrates Raya without my grandmother. Usually my grandmother always nagging when my mother not cooking in ‘malam raya’ and me not change the curtain and clean a home.  For this year, my mother not make some ‘kuih raya’ because she still sad and miss my grandmother =(

In ‘malam raya’ I help my mother cooking and prepared foods such as ketupat, rendang, kuah lodeh and ayam masak merah. This is my favorites food when hari raya. As usual in the morning, we will go to the mosque for perform ‘solat aidilfitri’. The saddest feeling when hari raya is when I am hears ‘takbir’. It can make me crying because I am remembered my late father, elder sister and my grandmother. I miss them =(

After ‘solat Aidilfitri’, there is a moment that we will do every morning. My sister and I will ask for forgiveness from my lovely mother. It is impossible if I do not cry. I love my mother very much and I’m very thankful that my mother very understanding and caring about her child. Although we in small family but we always happy together.

Usually my family and I went to the cemetery of my late father, elder sister and grandmother. It just takes about 20 minutes to go there. But for this year I did not go to the cemetery because my mother's ask me to take care home and waiting for my cousin. Other than that, for this year my baju raya is green color. Usually we wore same color of baju raya but for this year are different because my baju raya is present from my aunty.

Other than that, usually when hari raya all people visited their relatives at every place but different with my family. We just waiting our cousin and relatives come to our homes. Usually they arrived at evening and at morning we just watching movies at television.

Besides that, we will go to our neighbors’ house too. This will make us become more closes and know each other. For this year I celebrate raya only four days because UiTM gives holiday early. But I am grateful because Allah gives me chance to celebrate it and share happy with my family and friend. This is Hari Raya was meaningful to me. Thank you for reading my entry and till me meets again. Bye!

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